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Late Bloomers is a THREE GENERATION, family-run business!
*this is where I get to brag about my creative fam... :)

Hyacinth Jean Landry - Owner / Proprietress

I have 25 years of experience working in our family flower shops.
When I am not creating beautiful flower arrangements, I also run a really fun virtual world named GroovyVerse! GroovyVerse is a 3D social virtual world in which everyday people can create gorgeous landscapes and works of art. We host friendly people from all over the world, and there is lots to do and explore, such as sailing, surfing, dance parties and more! I am the chief developer and a 3D artist.

Tamara McShea - Partner in every sense of the word

Tamara is a jewelry designer, avid knitter, clothing designer, and very talented singer/musician that has performed live at local renaissance faires.
She hates it when I brag about this, but she has also performed on several prog rock albums with every rock musician imaginable.

Marcia Landry - Seasoned designer!

Marcia is a very experienced designer with over 40 years of experience in the floral industry! She specializes in bridal arrangements and big projects!

Kai Armitage Daigneau - Creative team!

Kai the third generation member of our team!
He is an amazing artist and writer, and is currently working on a film project.
Kai is also the creator of Captain Brineybeard character in the immensely popular Cuphead Game. I remember him getting in trouble in high school for doodling, and he wouldn't amount to nuttin... Hah! Take that teachers!