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What towns do you deliver to?
- We deliver to Amherst, Brookline, Hollis, Milford, Merrimack, Bedford and Nashua.

What are your charges for delivery?
- Our minimum order is $50, and delivery fee is $10. (..so $60 total)

What are your business hours?
- I also work an overnight job on the weeknds, so our current hours are:
    Tues-Friday: 11am-6pm, Saturday 10am - 1pm
- Later in the summer we plan to expand our hours to a more convenient 6 days a week.

- Often certain flowers or containers that you may see on our online store are not available, or not in season. It is always a good idea to call, so we can make something great that works for you. :)

Are you one of those people?
- Yes, almost certainly. :)